Is Our Military Budget “Bloated” and “Unauditable”?

Explaining his “no” vote on the National Defense Authorization Act, Sen. Bernie Sanders expressed serious concern over the “bloated military budget.” Even considering the source, his concerns are valid, I think. We have a nearly 40% share of the world’s defense budget, spending more by ourselves than the major national powers of the world combined. That’s crazy. And according to Sen. Sanders, the Government Accountability Office can’t even audit defense spending due to extraordinary Read more […]

People Using Welfare Money to Pay for Booze, Strip Clubs and Porn

Have you ever wondered how welfare recipients use your tax dollars? Under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, a federally operated welfare program, families and individuals are given food stamps and cash assistance which is accessed through Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards. The New York Post also wondered how welfare recipients spend our tax dollars, so using the Freedom of Information Act, they obtained the database records of 200 million Electronic Benefit Transfers.  Read more […]

Why we can’t afford another four years of Bush or Obama

The slide that began in 2000 has become even steeper as, once again, the economic freedom ranking of the United States has sunk even deeper. There are now eighteen nations with freer economies than the United States, according to the just-released 2012 Economic Freedom of the World Annual Report. Our nation now follows behind such countries as Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Qatar, and Taiwan. How far we have fallen! Once we ranked as one of the three freest economies on earth, with Singapore Read more […]

Food Stamps for Rich Corporations?

The Senate has passed a spending bill of almost a trillion dollars! But you would never know this to look at the news. The propaganda arm of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation tells us: “The US farm bill is a multi-billion dollar piece of legislation that controls the federal government’s spending on farm subsidies.” True, because spending almost a trillion dollars over the next decade does indeed require multiples of billions of dollars. Why not let food be produced by the private sector Read more […]