Priests Molesting Boys is a Homosexual Problem, Not a Catholic One

Ask a leftist what the biggest problem facing the Catholic church is and coming out at the top of his list, above Catholics’ anti-abortion and anti-same-sex-“marriage” stances, is the molestation of altar boys. Most moderates (soft leftists) would probably say the same thing, in fact. But think about that for a minute. The Left views a priest raping a boy as being actually related to Catholicism! This isn’t a Catholic problem at all, however; it’s a homosexual problem. Homosexuals enter Read more […]

Biden Lied to Paul Ryan and America About Contraception Mandate

During last week’s vice presidential debate, the subject of Obamacare and the contraceptive mandate came up.  Republican Paul Ryan took a shot at the Democrats for forcing Catholic run colleges, hospitals and social services to go against their faith by providing contraceptives and abortion services. Biden, whose performance during the debate could only be described as the loud annoying braying of jackass, reacted to Ryan’s comment and said: “With regard to the assault on the Catholic Read more […]

Cardinal Dolan’s Missed Opportunity

Once again the Catholic Church squandered its opportunity to call Democrats out for decades of state sanctioned murder. Dead babies in the tens of millions and he breaks bread with the perpetrators who lead the charge. Will Cardinal Dolan’s confession absolve him of his responsibility to hold the Democrats feet to the fire for their support of political ideologies that fly in the face of Catholic Doctrine and decent human behavior? What penance will God demand of him for his failure to lead when Read more […]