Lib Wants Looney Toons Banned Because of “Gun Violence”

As if banning these old cartoons will do anything to stop anyone from acting on their anger against others. Erasing guns or anything that resembles guns or other weapons from history will not make them cease to exist. They’re trying to brainwash kids to be terrified of guns, to believe that they’re evil. And editing guns out of old cartoons is just one more step toward indoctrinating the next generation that guns are only to exist in the hands of government agents and no one else. Writing Read more […]

Why the Media is to Blame for Islamic Radicalism

There’s a French weekly publication called Charlie Hebdo that is described as being “left-wing” and “anarchist.” They published a cartoon Wednesday that depicted a naked Mohammad being filmed presumably by the director of the fake “anti-Muslim” YouTube video. The caption at the top reads, “The film that embraces the Muslim world,” and while the director is pointing the camera at Mohammad’s posterior, Mohammad is saying, “My butt? You love my butt?” I know. I don’t really Read more […]