Fiorina and Paul Join the Cruz-Bashing Bandwagon with Pathetic Attacks

The way we behave when we fall reveals our grace. The way we behave when we see another take our place at the top reveals our character. As the Iowa primary inches closer, and the pressure to deliver builds, the facade of each candidate is being peeled back. We’ve moved into the phase of the primary season when the attacks get sharper, and unfortunately, more dishonest. The “us against them” solidarity we saw at the beginning of the season has given way to a bitter fight for survival as money Read more […]

Donald Trump’s Female Employees Love Him… Just Not as President

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been criticized in the past for comments perceived as sexist, but Trump and several of his female employees say he is great for women. Trump’s comments about rival Carly Fiorina and FOX News host Megyn Kelly drew sharp criticism across the political spectrum, but Trump tells The Washington Post he’s done a great amount to help women in the workplace. “I have been very, very good for women. I was way ahead of the curve,” Trump says Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Laughs About Murdering Carly Fiorina; Media Ignores

Why should the media care if Hillary Clinton joined everyone else in the room in laughter at what was obviously a joke? The Clinton supporter in the audience in New Hampshire claimed to have been a former Hewlett-Packard employee who couldn’t stand Fiorina. He said that every time he saw her on TV, he wanted to reach through the screen and strangle her. Everyone around laughed, including Clinton, who responded with a guffaw, “I wouldn’t mess with you!” Ha ha ha. So, why didn’t Clinton Read more […]

Check Out the GOP Candidates Tax Plans

Republican 2016 hopefuls have been unveiling tax plans promising deep cuts and drastic changes to current policies. Ahead of Tuesday night’s fourth GOP presidential debate, here’s a look at the top contenders’ economic proposals. Donald Trump The outspoken real-estate mogul’s tax plan calls for four tax brackets: 0 percent, 10 percent, 20 percent and 25 percent. Individuals making under $25,ooo and families making under $50,000 would pay no income tax. The billionaire would lower Read more […]

Ted Cruz Rocks the House at the North Texas Presidential Forum

This past weekend voters in Texas flocked to Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano to take part in the North Texas Presidential Forum. On hand were several of the leading GOP candidates for president, including Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Dr. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. Donald Trump was notably absent, but he was invited to meet with the mostly evangelical crowd of interested voters. Ted Cruz (R-TX) had the home field advantage and it showed. The Senator from Texas performed Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Now Trailing Carly, Jeb and Trump in Iowa!

The latest NBC poll of the Presidential campaign is out, and the news is not good for Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Iowa is a MUST WIN state for any presidential hopeful, and if the polls are reading things right, Hillary Clinton (and the Democrats) has a lot of reason to be very worried about 2016. The latest NBC poll of the state is out, and it seems that folks in Iowa are not excited about the prospect of Hillary Clinton presidency. In the most up to date poll Hillary finds herself Read more […]

Ted Cruz: The GOP is the “Surrender Party”

  In the 2016 GOP campaign for the White House much has been made about conservative voters looking for an “outsider” that they can support. For this reason, many of them have turned to Donald Trump (a liberal), Dr. Ben Carson (a political neophyte) or Carly Fiorina (whose only other run for office ended in defeat)…. But I would argue that the real “outsider” candidate as not actually any of these people! The real “outsider” candidate is Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Cruz is a Read more […]

Rubio Tells Trump ‘the President doesn’t Run the Economy’!

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) went right after Donald Trump in a recent interview, wondering aloud why Trump hadn’t issued any specific foreign policy ideas he then reminded his presidential competitor that the President doesn’t run the economy. I think the most important thing a president will ever do is provide for the national security of our country and I think up until now he hasn’t really answered serious questions about national security and until he does there should be concerns, not just Read more […]

Why Alcohol is Legal Federally and Marijuana is Not

During the second Republican playground shouting match debate, Carly Fiorina had some words to say about alcohol and marijuana: We are misleading young people when we tell them that marijuana is just like having a beer. It’s not. Fiorina is exactly right, one way or the other. Let’s investigate further to determine why marijuana and alcohol are treated differently by the law. We’ll compare marijuana and alcohol in terms of danger to self and danger to others. In terms of danger to self, Read more […]

Media Jumps on Inaccurate Fiorina Statement to Further a Much Larger Agenda

It was inevitable that once Carly Fiorina reached great heights, the attacks against her would become more severe. It’s the nature of the beast. However, the latest attack on Carly isn’t really about her, but rather a means to invalidate a basic conservative principle. Conservatives believe abortion is morally repugnant, and the undercover videos released by The Center for Medical Progress reveal not only possible criminal activity, but the chilling lack of empathy on the part of those working Read more […]

Carly Fiorina Moves into 3rd Place in New Hampshire!

According to the latest PPP presidential poll of New Hampshire Carly Fiorina has moved into third place behind Donald Trump and Ohio Governor John Kasich. Ever since the first debate Fiorina has been steadily climbing the polling ladder but this is her most dramatic result yet. I started out as a secretary in a nine-person law firm. I have been underestimated all my life. But I have a clear track record of challenging the status quo, and producing results. That is how you go from secretary to the Read more […]

Carly Fiorina Blasts TSA in Scathing Yelp Review

Carly Fiorina gave the TSA one star, because zero stars is not listed as an option. Yelp was hiding the review for whatever reason, but it’s still there. You just have to keep scrolling down and clicking on “continue reading other reviews that are not currently recommended.” Maybe it’s because her review comes across as a campaign ad. Even so, what she said was true. Eventually, you’ll see hers. And she’s given the TSA one star, although I’m sure she wished she could have given Read more […]