Detroit Carjacker Assures Black Bystander: “You Good, I Only Rob White People”

It doesn’t matter how blatant the criminal’s racial motives are, it will never be classified as a hate crime, simply because he’s black, and the victims are white. If a white criminal had said to a white bystander, “You good, I only rob black people,” the media would have given that story wall-to-wall coverage for the next year-and-a-half. Twenty-four-year-old Brandon Lamar Williams just might make the top ten list for worst criminals ever. Here’s what happened: According to Detroit Read more […]

Armed Carjacker Shot and Killed by Victim

After a Titans game, a couple of guys were hanging out outside in their Nashville, Tennessee neighborhood when a white SUV pulled up with three armed thugs inside. One of them got out, demanded their wallets and other belongings at gunpoint, while a second armed man got out and took their things. The first one snatched the keys to one of the guys’ car to steal it. As he was getting in, one of the victims drew his weapon. The would-be carjacker shot at him, and the victim shot back in self-defense Read more […]

3 Armed Carjackers Descend on Woman; She Responds With 13 Rounds of Ammo

I know the first thing you’re probably wondering is whether any of them were carried from the crime scene in a body bag. I’m sorry to have to inform you that all three carjackers survived and are on the loose. However, I’m hoping that they were sufficiently scared by the woman’s actions that they’ll turn themselves in or at least decide to give up their life of crime. Fat chance that’ll happen though. This took place in Detroit, the city with a fairly new sheriff who’s had some very Read more […]

Video: Concealed Carrier Shoots Carjacker

A minivan pulled into a carwash in Smyrna, Georgia next to another car that was being vacuumed by the car’s owner. The teen that was in the driver’s seat of the minivan got out and got into the woman’s car and put it in reverse. The woman jumped on the hood of the car, screaming for help as the car thief tried to drive off. That’s when an armed city employee heard her and saw what was going on and shot several times at the driver, hitting him in the shoulder. Although police were able Read more […]

Carjacker Shot and Killed

Let’s take a break from the Ferguson riots and hear some good news for a change. In Arizona, a carjacker forced a female driver out of her car and threw her to the ground. A neighbor then attempted to stop the driver but the carjacker drove off. I know; it doesn’t sound good so far. But then, that neighbor’s husband ran out and shot at the fleeing carjacker several times, hitting the driver. The driver made it a few blocks away before running into a wall and a tree. He was taken to the hospital Read more […]

Houston Man May Face Charges for Shooting Carjackers

A Houston, Texas man may face charges for shooting a couple of carjackers and killing one. It happened one evening last week when the man came to his local Redbox to rent a video. When he was out of his car, two men robbed him of his keys and cellphone at gunpoint before getting into the victim’s car in an attempt to leave. (If only the Redbox had posted their “Carjacking-Free Zone” sign. Then, this incident probably would have never been conceived in the first place.) Thankfully, it wasn’t Read more […]