Dem. Senate Candidate Lies About Obama Allegiance Now Endorsed by Hillary

Kentucky Secretary of State Allison Lundergan Grimes has been running a very dishonest campaign here in the Blue Grass State. She has repeatedly tried to tell voters that she does not support Barack Obama’s policies, yet she has publicly supported Obama’s war on coal and his amnesty for illegal aliens. She has aired campaign ads saying that these claims are untrue, but other ads have been aired that actually show the video clips of her saying how she supports amnesty and did support Obama’s Read more […]

Top NH Democrat Endorses GOP Senate Candidate Scott Brown

Former US Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts is making another run for the Senate, but this time in New Hampshire. He is challenging the Democratic incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. Many didn’t give Brown much of a chance of stealing Shaheen’s senate seat. On April 22, 2013, polls showed that Shaheen held a 49.5% to 36.3% lead over Brown. By January 1, 2014 she still held a 47.5% to 39.8% lead and on July 10, 2014 her lead was 52.7% to 45% over Brown. However, since then, Shaheen’s lead Read more […]

Dem Senate Candidate from KY Avoids Questions about Voting for Obama

Living in northern Kentucky, I’ve watched the Senate campaigns of GOP incumbent Mitch McConnell and his Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes. Eastern Kentucky’s economy relies heavily on the coal mining industry. Obama has been waging open warfare against the coal industry by trying to place so many expensive regulations on them that they are forced out of business. Without coal, Obama is hoping that will force power companies to turn to far more expensive green energy sources. Obama’s Read more […]

Why We Need A Monster Candidate In 2016

“When President Obama stands before the American people to deliver the State of the Union address…I hope he admits that ObamaCare is an insidious law and a failed experiment in big government. I am doubtful, of course, given his arrogance on the topic, that the President would make such an admission. The President should at least acknowledge that there is a better way to lower costs and improve health care without a massive government takeover, thousands of new IRS agents, and bureaucrats coming Read more […]

Ted Cruz: 2016 Dark Horse?

After every election, the losing side begins rampant speculation as to who could be the next superstar of their party. Every election cycle, pundits guess, Americans guess, politicians guess, and numerous names are thrown in the ring. What quite often happens when the time comes is that every speculative candidate begins to fall away, and someone unexpected emerges from the pack. In the midst of recovering from our crushing defeat, many names have been thrown out. Rising powers like Marco Rubio, Read more […]

Will Marco Rubio be the Next GOP Presidential Candidate?

As the Republican Party is still licking their wounds from this month’s presidential defeat and trying to regroup to determine what’s next, perhaps one person already knows. This past Saturday, Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio attended a birthday fundraiser for Iowa Republican Governor Terry Branstad.  The theme of the fundraiser was ‘turn the page’ and ‘look to the future.’  Rubio had been asked to speak at the fundraiser back on September 1 with the hopes that Romney would Read more […]