White House’s Solution to College Campus Rapes: Anything but Guns

The White House put together some task force to find out ways to prevent sexual assaults and rapes on U.S. college campuses. The task force includes notable government officials such as Eric Holder and Education Secretary Arne Duncan. They propose many ideas to tackle these problems, including the following: 1. Identifying the Problem: Campus Climate Surveys The first step in solving a problem is to name it and know the extent of it – and a campus climate survey is the best way to do that. We Read more […]

LGBTQQIIAA+ Heroes vs. Traditional-Marriage Supporters (a.k.a. Bigots)

By the Psychotic Liberal: I just love it when conservatards complain about not being allowed to be bigots; it just proves how bigoted they are. Let me excerpt some bits from TEABAGGER website Daily Caller: Members of a group that promotes traditional heterosexual marriage say school officials at the University of Notre Dame called the police after group members set up a table on campus—even though “an officially recognized on-campus student group” had received permission for the display. They Read more […]