Obama Refuses to Extradite Brothers Who Raised Thousands in Campaign Donations

In the 1990s, Roberto Isaias served as the President of Filanbanco in Quito, Ecuador.  His brother William was the Vice President of the bank which was at the center of the financial collapse that rocked the South American country.  Filanbanco was one of 30 banks that collapsed between 1998-99.  The financial disaster ended up costing the Ecuadorian taxpayers over $8 billion. When the Ecuadorian government began investigating what happened, they discovered that the Isaias brothers falsified Read more […]

Will Marco Rubio be the Next GOP Presidential Candidate?

As the Republican Party is still licking their wounds from this month’s presidential defeat and trying to regroup to determine what’s next, perhaps one person already knows. This past Saturday, Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio attended a birthday fundraiser for Iowa Republican Governor Terry Branstad.  The theme of the fundraiser was ‘turn the page’ and ‘look to the future.’  Rubio had been asked to speak at the fundraiser back on September 1 with the hopes that Romney would Read more […]

Foul-Mouthed Old Folks and Losing Your Virginity: A Leftist Voting Guide

Political advertising: what a beautiful, never annoying, always pleasing way of informing voters so that they can be fully aware of the facts before they mark their ballot. Over the years, political advertisements have become even better, more truthful, more informative, and ultimately so much more helpful. We are a better country because of these beacons of truth that are broadcast over the airwaves… Well, now that we’ve established what a crazy person would say, let’s talk about reality. Political Read more […]

Barack Obama Knows He’s Toast

America has been witness to what conservatives surely think is a thing of beauty: the still-occurring self-destruction of President Obama. In just eleven days, he will lose a hard-fought election. He and the members of his campaign are painfully aware of the coming defeat. They are unraveling. The President has always been able to speak in calm, measured tones, but we’ve seen that changing as of late. One example of this was his blatant irritation in the final debate between him and Mitt Romney. Read more […]