My Small Victory for a Middle Class American Family

I think we all know that money is tight for just about every middle class American family these days. When faced with an Obama economy, tighter budgets and increasing costs, middle-America has to find creative ways to “make do” as my family proved this past weekend. As Halloween approaches neighborhoods across America are breaking out festive decorations and adorning their homes with all manner of scary paraphernalia. Competitions of sorts have driven some families to spend money they don’t Read more […]

“Affordable Care Act” is Making Care Unaffordable

I thought Obamacare was the “Affordable Care Act.” But it’s not making anything more affordable. It’s making life altogether unaffordable and people more dependent on government. Health care costs are still going up, and the quality is going down. There was a Huffington Post article that argued that Romney’s health care plan wouldn’t slow the rising costs of health care. I guess those on the left have then conceded that Obamacare isn’t doing what Obama promised it would do, and Read more […]