Burger King Wants To Pay Fewer Taxes, Liberals Call It A Betrayal Of The American People

“Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.” – Calvin Coolidge People just love to be outraged. Being publicly offended or indignant is like injecting heroine directly into the veins of your ego. Being offended feels good because it momentarily boosts your value in your own eyes, and in the eyes of others. A show of public indignance tells people that some moral standard has been breached, and that you are the arbiter of that standard. In essence, it gives you the glow Read more […]

Obama Tax Hikes Driving Burger King to Canada

One of the main campaign points that Obama kept hammering Mitt Romney with in 2012 was that he moved jobs overseas by moving companies out of the US. Joe Biden, like the good parrot he is kept repeating the same exaggerations. During the election I pointed out that during Obama’s first term and under his leadership, the US government was awarding defense contracts to companies outside the US and that Stimulus money was going to foreign nationals so they could open up a luxury car dealership Read more […]

Burger King Enters LGBT Corner with Proud Whopper

With state-level gay marriage bans toppling like congregants at a Pentecostal revival, it makes sense that more and more corporations would be courting the LGBT community. The most recent corporation to cash in is Burger King, which played it safe with a local item—called the Proud Whopper—available at only one store on the route of San Francisco’s Gay Pride Parade. The Proud Whopper came packaged rather ostentatiously (what did you expect?) in neon rainbow striped paper. Other than that, Read more […]