Masterful Argument from Obama: “Paul Ryan’s Budget Is Mean”

Rep. Paul Ryan released the 2015 House Republican budget on Tuesday and President Obama called it mean. If you told someone that one political party released a budget and that someone from the other political party called it mean, this person would know immediately that the latter was a Democrat. “He argued what? That it was mean? That’s easy—he’s the liberal.” The end goal of Ryan’s budget is to cut government spending by $5.1 trillion over the next ten years. But in an age when the national Read more […]

Sequestration: Obama Blackmailing GOP to do it His Way

Sequestration was President Barack Obama’s idea to begin with. Starting back in 2011, Obama basically wanted a blank check and an unlimited debt ceiling so he could plunge the US so deep into debt that it would be impossible to recover from.  The Republicans refused to allow it.  The Republicans insisted on any type of deal involving spending cuts while the Democrats pushed for increased taxes and more spending. In an attempt to blackmail the Republicans into submission, Obama and the Democrats Read more […]