MSNBC’s Answer to Violent Crime: “Take Away Massive Amounts of Guns”

It was actually a New York Times writer who stated that the only way to reduce violent crime was to “take away massive amounts of guns” from people and drastically reduce the number of gun owners. New York Times, MSNBC, what’s the difference? The context of their discussion was the on-air double murder by Bryce Williams. Josh Barro from the New York Times stated that we should go the way of Australia and confiscate everyone’s guns. He actually said that would reduce violent crime, as if Read more […]

Read the Racist Comments Alison Parker Said that Led Bryce Williams to Murder Her

There are especially sensitive people out there who take offense to just about any comment others make. But this really takes the cake. So, this guy Bryce Williams, whose real name was Vester Lee Flanagan, claimed that Alison Parker as well as others had made racist comments. It was this overall racist atmosphere that led Williams to file a lawsuit against the network, and that lawsuit ended up being dismissed. That must have really ticked off Williams. What was it that people were saying that Read more […]

The Williams Shooting from the Perspective of a Liberal Journalist

MEMO TO LIBERAL NEWS NETWORK (LNN) EMPLOYEES: We must be extremely careful as to how we cover the Bryce Williams shooting. Unfortunately, Williams was not what we want in a shooter. He was neither white, cis-gender, racist, sexist, conservative, or a Donald Trump supporter. He was an African American, gay man who had been the victim of bullying. Given this, it’s best not to mention his race and sexual orientation when describing the shooting. We do, however, need to find a way to cover the Read more […]