British Political Candidate Arrested for Quoting Churchill’s Criticisms of Islam

Winston Churchill was a controversial Prime Minister of Great Britain, but he did manage to get them through World War II without having to surrender to Hitler.  In his younger days, Churchill was an officer in the British army and served in the Sudan.  He saw first-hand what Islamic life was like and how they treated their women.  Churchill wrote about it in his book, The River War. Paul Weston is head of a small political party known as Liberty GB.  The party is an anti-immigration group Read more […]

Comedian Russell Brand Tries To Justify London Soldier Slaying

Voltaire said: “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” Foolishness certainly isn’t a rarity; it surrounds us every day. But there is something quite special about the foolishness of celebrities. There are people everywhere that practice foolishness with impressive proficiency; but it seems as though celebrities and political figures have a special knack for it that most people don’t. Perhaps it’s because they are in the lime-light that their stupidity is magnified Read more […]

Assisted Suicide Sitcom

Assisted suicide is murder! In the United States, assisted suicide came to the forefront in the 1990s when Dr. Jack Kevorkian, known as Dr. Death, made it known that he was assisting people to commit suicide.  After assisting more than 130 people to take their own lives, Kevorkian was convicted of second degree murder and sent to prison. To make it more palatable to the public, assisted suicide is also called, physician assisted suicide or voluntary euthanasia.  Following Kevorkian’s actions Read more […]