The Death of Western Christianity

Schoolchildren are being left ignorant of Christianity and the history of Christmas. “Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred.” – Jacques Barzun Modern western society has developed a certain disdain of faith. Over time, we have segregated it, pushing it further, and further away from the mainstream, all the way to the outer fringes of our culture. Freedom of religion has been warped into freedom from religion. Although this in itself would be dangerous Read more […]

New Report: UK Crime Statistics Fudged to Justify Gun Ban

How many times have we heard Piers Morgan rant and rave about crime rates in his home country? He claims gun violence is virtually nonexistent thanks to the Brits doing the “responsible” thing and taking everyone’s guns away in 1997. Sure, there was an acknowledged, initial spike in crime shortly thereafter, but then it began to fall and has since plummeted. Or so they say. According to a new report published by and authored by Dr. Paul Gallant, Dr. Joanne Eisen, Alan J. Chwick Read more […]