The Soft Brainwashing: 53% of Americans believe one in five are gay

“Is there any point in public debate in a society where hardly anyone has been taught how to think, while millions have been taught what to think?” – Peter Hitchens Indoctrination isn’t always sit-in-a-chair-with-eyes-clamped-open-while-you-are-forced-to-watch-propaganda obvious, it’s often much more subtle. Social manipulation is the preeminent means of moving a culture in the direction in which one wants it to go. And so it goes with the gay marriage movement. There’s a caveat to this. This Read more […]

Michelle Obama Lauds Entertainment Industry for Pushing Homosexuality

Where would we be today if it weren’t for the entertainment industry’s continuously pushing for the normalization of homosexuality and same-sex marriage? Where would we be without their equal glamorizing of abortion, adultery, promiscuity, euthanasia, etc? Like most businesses, the media and the TV and movie industries only produce what they think will sell. So, is it that our culture is morally depraved, because of the media’s pushing of these things, or is that the culture is already depraved, Read more […]

Dem Congresswoman Calls for Educating Kindergarteners about Global Warming

Liberals are always trying to get prayer and Bibles banned from government schools, because of that sacred wall of separation between Church and State that they believe is currently under attack. But really, it’s not that they believe that religion shouldn’t be tolerated or taught in government schools. It’s that they want their religion to be taught, and only their religion. They just don’t call it religion. They actually believe it’s science. There’s only one thing worse than purposely Read more […]

Christian Baker Forced into Gay Re-Education

Jack Phillips owns and operates Masterpiece Cakeshop in the Denver suburb of Lakewood. In 2012, two gay men, Charlie Craig and David Mullins entered his bakery and asked if Phillips would make them a wedding cake to celebrate their same-sex marriage. According to an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF): “In an exchange lasting about 30 seconds, Phillips politely declined, explaining that he would gladly make them any other type of baked item they wanted but that he could not make Read more […]

Why You Should Avoid Sending Kids to Public Schools

I can’t count how many times I’ve written against today’s public school system. They aren’t institutions of learning any more. They’ve become the training centers for raising anti-American socialists and Common Core is one of their current brainwashing tools to accomplish it. Here are three more reasons why you should avoid sending your kids to public school. 1) More and more teachers are engaging in sexual practices with their students. I‘ve written about a number of them in the Read more […]

Another Little Kid Suspended for Illegal Possession of Assault Toy

It wasn’t even entirely the little kid’s fault. He had left his backpack in a friend’s car, so his mom had to pack his stuff in another bag. What he and his mom didn’t realize was that the backup bag had a toy gun in it, something he didn’t realize until it was too late. Instead of waiting to be found out by a teacher, first-grader Darin Simak did what he thought was the right thing to do. He “turned himself in.” He took it to his teacher and told her he wasn’t supposed to have Read more […]

Video: Brainwashed 8-Year-Olds Recite Lines About “White Privilege”

Many people hate homeschooling, because they feel they can’t trust parents to teach their kids the “right” things. People are often particularly hateful toward homeschooling Christian families, because their education is often rooted in establishing in their kids a Biblical worldview, which liberals claim is nothing short of religious fundamentalist indoctrination or brainwashing. So, this is why we’re supposed to entrust our kids to the State, where at least they’ll be taught the “right” Read more […]

High Schooler Arrested and Expelled for Leaving Hunting Rifle in His Car

Eric Holder stated back in the 90’s that he wanted to brainwash kids about guns and make gun owners pariahs the same way that smokers were. Their efforts at scaring people about guns have certainly paid off, and they’re not even done yet. There was a time when kids could bring their hunting rifles to school, leave them in their gun rack on their truck or even bring them in to store in their locker during the day. No one thought anything about it. Nowadays, you try something like that, you Read more […]

Ohio National Guard Brainwashing Troops To Believe Gun Owners Are Terrorists

I’ve heard people say that our military would never turn on the American people, even if under direct orders from the President; that they would be loyal to the true protection of the American people and to our national security. I always thought that was a little naïve. There’s nothing magical about being in the military that makes you impervious to propaganda and conditioning. The more we see military patrolling our streets with police, the more they’ll get used to seeing all American Read more […]

Missouri State University Considers Banning Nerf Guns

Elementary, middle and high schools have already banned Nerf guns. And anything else that could arguably resemble the vague shape of a self-defense tool like a gun or a knife. They catch you with an imaginary bow and arrow, and you could get suspended for “making threats of violence.” Your school record could be tainted permanently with your “criminal history.” We’re talking about a university here. You know, where young adults go. And yes, we are also talking about Nerf guns. I guess Read more […]

Boy Suspended for Possession of Imaginary Bow and Arrow

A Pennsylvania fifth grader named Johnny Jones was suspended for shooting an imaginary bow and arrow at a fellow classmate who initiated the fight by “shooting” Jones with his folder. The 5th grader had faced expulsion, but was instead given a one-day suspension. This will remain on his permanent record unless the Rutherford Institute, whom Jones’s parents retained to represent their son, can convince school officials to remove it. In a letter to the school Superintendent, Douglas McKusick Read more […]

Obama “Biography” In Elementary School Library: “White Voters Would Never Vote For A Black President”

It was in Obama’s home state of Illinois. School officials are trying to say that since it’s not an official textbook, it shouldn’t be all that big of a deal. Sure, it’s in the school library, and kids are free to read it, but it’s not required. Besides, it’s not like the biography contained false information. It told the truth about Obama and the fact that white people didn’t vote for him, because he has some black in him. It probably had something to do with white privilege. Here’s Read more […]