Why I Will Buy Expensive Coffee This Saturday: Encouraging Corporate Responsibility

I don’t normally think about Starbuck’s as a corporation whose policies I admire. (Actually, since I make my coffee at home or, at most, buy it at McDonald’s, I don’t normally think about Starbuck’s at all.) But I do like their coffee when I get to drink it. So I plan to buy a cup of their brew this coming Saturday on the off chance I might contribute to a national action that will neutralize any effect of a proposed boycott for that day. “An advocacy group has called for ‘Skip Starbucks Read more […]

Strategy: Boycott MSNBC Advertisers

These days no corporation can afford to lose a small fraction of their customers or for that matter a prospective customer. In any economy (not just this economy) every customer dollar counts and conservatives have an opportunity to send a message to the greater American and Global business community by organizing and sustaining a very public boycott of each and every company that advertises on the dishonest and government funded MSNBC. When a corporation or special interest group chooses to pay Read more […]

Will The Journal News Accept Responsibility and Liability for Burglaries and Home Shootings?

  On Dec. 22, The Journal News, published in White Plains, New York posted an interactive map of everyone in Westchester and Rockland counties that have a gun permit.  Thousands of law abiding citizens had their names and addresses made public for every criminal in the area to know that they own a firearm. Many of those gun owners were irate and complained to The Journal News who replied to their complaints with the following: “[Our readers] are understandably interested to know Read more […]