Houston Abortion Clinic Injures Five Women in Just One Month

Abortion is supposed to be “safe, legal and rare.” Except for the unborn child of course. It’s nothing more than an inconvenient mass of tissue, an uninvited parasite that doesn’t have a right to life. But unborn babies aren’t the only victims in abortions. Besides the mental problems that are invariably caused by abortions, there are also cases of physical injury or even death of the mother following a “botched” abortion. A Houston, Texas, Planned Parenthood abortion clinic injured Read more […]

Art Exhibit Celebrates Abortion as “Life-Sustaining Act”; Another Mother and Child Die in Botched Abortion

Pro-abortion activists always get on to pro-lifers for appealing to an ancient, outdated text written by “illiterate goat-herders.” Pro-abortionists want pro-lifers to catch up to our “modern” society where murder is looked upon as a compassionate act. But at the same time, they celebrate the 4,000-year history of abortion and contraception. So, on one hand, they mock and ridicule the Bible for being so old and “outdated,” but on the other hand, they celebrate abortion by showcasing Read more […]