Why, Even In The Face Of ISIS, Obama Won’t Secure Borders

“People’s behavior makes sense if you think about it in terms of their goals, needs, and motives.” – Thomas Mann To understand politics is to understand insanity. At least, that’s what many people believe. I’ve talked to many people–friends, and family–who have no interest in politics. They tell me that all politicians are corrupt, or that there is no point in getting involved because the outcome will always be the same. The primary reason for their lack of interest seems to be their inability Read more […]

New York Times Gleefully Mocks Anti-amnesty Conservatives

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” – Marcus Aurelius If someone is on the losing end of an argument, it is often the case that they will resort to mockery in order to cover their conceptual inadequacy. If one has nothing left with which to defend their belief system, one has little other choice than to attempt to destroy the beliefs of their opposition through belittlement. This is a sure sign of defeat. The Read more […]

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry Wants A Borderless Nation

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry has once again said something profoundly stupid. Let’s talk about it. First, here’s the transcript of her telecast: “If we looked at had history, we do indeed see where there are moments when children have been the catalyst that moved Americans to push beyond their own biases and borders — both national and racial. In May of 1963, the children’s crusade organized by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference brought more than 3,000 young people to the city of Birmingham, Read more […]

Glenn Beck Blows It, But Ted Cruz Saves The Day

There’s a lot of talk about optics in politics, and generally speaking, I am wildly opposed to the notion of optics. Optics refers to how one is viewed by the general public, how one’s actions are perceived. Optics are, in essence, a manipulation of perception. In my opinion, the top priority on a politician’s mind should not be optics, but actions. Actions–if they are driven by noble intent–should speak for themselves. Action should not require extra manufacturing. However, there is something Read more […]

UN to Usurp American Sovereignty in Border Crisis

I’m going to open up with saying that we need to kick the United Nations out of our country, stop funding them and tell them to stay the heck out of our affairs! They are nothing more than a coalition of socialists that have been actively undermining American culture, morality and values. Their goal is to become the one world governing body with absolute control over every nation and person. Now that Obama has finally stated publicly that all illegals including unaccompanied children will be Read more […]