Transgender “Woman” Upset with Handling by TSA

A man who now self-identifies as a transgender woman is upset that the TSA detained him/her for a while because of an “anomaly” with their scanner. That “anomaly” was the man’s penis. But he’s upset the TSA wanted him to go through the scanners as a man. Because it was embarrassing and all that. And he missed his flight: In her tweets about the situation, [Shadi] Petosky said that TSA agents calibrated the scanner for a woman, and the machine flagged an anomaly — “my penis.” She Read more […]

The TSA’s New Security Theater Prop

The TSA thinks that if they just keep finding and implementing new ways to humiliate and dehumanize us, eventually they’ll catch a terrorist. Anyone who says that the pat downs, the body scanners, the liquid testing and the interrogating are any more than just security theater must be delusional. They will never catch anybody this way especially because so many agents are morally bankrupt. The TSA is a safe haven for child molesters and other sexual predators who couldn’t find work elsewhere. Read more […]