Is Patent Reform a “Direct Assault” on Property Rights?

Republicans are up in arms about proposed patent reforms because of the deleterious effect the reforms could have on Americans property rights. Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) himself an inventor and entrepreneur has been one of the most vocal critics of the proposed reforms. He recently explained his reasons for being against the reforms on Facebook: As a small inventor and holder of 29 patents, I care deeply about innovation and its role in our economy: “Massie is one of the most outspoken Read more […]

Illegals Getting Free Legal Service Paid for by You and Me

Have you ever looked into hiring an attorney for any reason only to be shocked at the outrageous fees they charge? Why do you think there are so many people arrested that are left to the mercy of public defenders? When my wife and I were hit on the interstate by a careless teenager and I suffered permanent injuries, we were forced to hire an attorney. I found out that his fee was one third of everything we got from the lawsuit. After paying him and our medical bills, we were left with practically Read more […]