In Colorado Democrat Election Reform Law Backfires on Liberals!

Liberals across the country are now in trouble because they chose to “stack the deck” and bend the rules while they were in charge. Now that Republicans are taking over in the national legislature and in state legislatures across the country – liberals will have to face the ramifications of the unfair laws they passed. In Colorado, those ramifications came a little sooner than they expected…   Colorado’s new election law requiring that ballots be mailed to voters may have helped Read more […]

Colorado Voters about to Give Anti-Gun CO Governor the Boot

Colorado’s Governor John Hickenlooper is a true Obama disciple. He worked hard to help the state legislature pass strict anti-gun laws while at the same time legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Hickenlooper was also supportive of Obama’s green energy agenda and signed several green energy bills into law that will surely have an impact on Colorado residents and businesses. Hickenlooper’s actions drove several gun related manufactures to other gun friendly states. The Outdoor Channel Read more […]