U.S. Biggest Oil Producer in the World?

Our energy prices continue to skyrocket as the Obama Presidency continues to linger like a malignant tumor in our nation’s body. The question we should be asking ourselves is why? Why are our energy prices so high when we are superheroes of energy production? Answer: the liberal policies of the Obama administration and the Democrat Party. While we may be the biggest oil producer in the world, we could be doing even better. During most of the Obama Presidency the government has had our oil Read more […]

Bloomberg Kowtowing to Chinese Empire

When the West first came in contact with China, the British ambassador Macartney (no relation that I know of to the bass-playing Liverpudlian) refused to kowtow to the Emperor of China. Though the Emperor considered Britain just another potential tributary state, Macartney saw the situation quite differently. A few years later, China was carved up like a melon by Western powers, and thus ensued what the Chinese now refer to as “the century of national humiliation.” This century ended in 1949 Read more […]