New Study finds Little Link Between Teacher Pay and Test Scores

A report by a conservative Wisconsin think tank finds that salaries for teachers vary widely from city to city across the country, but don’t seem to have much bearing on how well students perform. The MacIver Institute primarily focuses on state issues, but decided to take a nationwide look at teacher compensation to coincide with the opening of the new school year. The organization looked at the median teacher pay in sixty different U.S. metro areas, and then also corrected salary figures for Read more […]

Surprise! Nation’s 2nd Largest Teachers Union Withdraws Support of Common Core

In what can only be described as a complete and utter surprise – the nation’s 2nd largest teacher’s union has withdrawn it’s support of the Common Core. Conservative activists have been decrying the insidious nature of the Common Core since its inception but mainstream liberals and moderates have generally been unwavering in their support. This latest reversal by one of the Common Core’s closest allies could prove to be the turning point in the battle against federalized education. If conservatives Read more […]

Government Bans Creationism in Schools

The United Kingdom, our closest ally and oldest friend, is continuing to move towards a godless, secular society. They are considering forcing churches to perform gay marriages, they are arresting Christians for speaking against sin, and now they have banned talk of intelligent design in their schools. Soon there will be nothing left to remind us that Britain was once leader of the Christian world. What has happened to the nation that once sent more Christian missionaries out to the world than any Read more […]

Poll Calls Congress “Least Popular Ever”

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that our current batch of representatives in Congress aren’t getting much done. The question is why? Is it because they are incompetent? Or is it because we, as a nation, have become so divided our political representatives cannot work together? Whatever the reason, Congress is very, very unpopular. ——————————————————————————- Taxes, spiders, North Korea, it doesn’t matter. If you can name it, Read more […]

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Looks to Dump Common Core

Louisiana’s great Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) is working hard to rid his state of the massive failure that is the Common Core. The move has caused an outcry among liberals, particularly in the states’ education “establishment,” and may prove problematic for the Governor. Don’t expect Jindal to back down though, he’s already overseen some of the most sweeping education our country has seen in recent years, right in his most important city, New Orleans. ——————————————————————— And Read more […]

Retired Generals Supporting the Common Core

In an odd turn that doesn’t necessarily make any sense, a few retired Generals were in Raleigh, North Carolina to offer their support for the Common Core. While many of us respect the service of our military men, I’m not sure why their word should carry any more weight than anyone else’s. Do Generals have some secret insight on public education that I’m missing? Anyway, several states have already dumped the Common Core and several more states are now considering doing the same… including Read more […]

Universities Say No to the 2nd Amendment

By Blake Neff  University presidents overwhelmingly oppose letting students carry concealed guns on their campuses — and don’t really want people carrying them anywhere else, either. A study commissioned by Ball State University polled 401 university presidents in the U.S. and found that 95 percent of them do not want students with concealed handguns to be allowed at their universities. Furthermore, most weren’t comfortable with students having guns anywhere else either, Read more […]