Rep. Ellison: Saying “All Lives Matter” Ignores American Racism

Democrat Representative Keith Ellison from Minnesota said that the “Black Lives Matter” mantra has reference to the fact that “black lives matter also.” In other words, the assumption is that everyone’s lives matter except black ones. So, the movement is a response to that cultural assumption. Therefore, saying “all lives matter” ignores the historical reality of American racism. CNS News reported: Ellison was part of a panel discussing the Black Lives Matter movement on CNN’s State Read more […]

Black Lives Matter isn’t Seeking Justice, it’s Seeking Targets

“Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.” – Dorothy Allison Why do people believe they can escape without a scratch the repeated telling of outright lies? It’s as if they believe that once they tell their perfectly calculated untruth, everyone who heard them will forget they ever told a lie, and it will dissipate like smoke into the air. But there’s a thing called recording. In a battle between Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and Marc Lamont Hill on CNN, Read more […]

The Continued and Brazen Lies of Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is a cultural infection. There’s really no other way to put it. This collective of organizations has latched onto ludicrous claims, blown them up, and perpetuated them. Hands up, don’t shoot. That four word phrase has been proven false, yet it continues to be used fervently by BLM protestors. Why? Because it sustains the movement. They don’t care if it’s a lie, they need an anthem. I was perusing, because I like to laugh, and I came across two things that Read more […]

Video: Reporter Booted Out of Black Lives Matter Rally for Being White

A White reporter was kicked out of a “blacks only” event that allegedly wanted to raise awareness of racism. In Ohio, Black Lives Matter activists got together for a 3-day conference at Cleveland State University, demonstrating against what they see as systemic racism in the law enforcement community. The rally was mostly peaceful, but there were some tense moments that could have easily erupted into a riot. On Sunday, protesters witnessed a black teenage boy being arrested by a white Cleveland Read more […]