See the ‘Controversial’ Billboard Featuring Santa Claus and a Semi-Automatic Rifle

This billboard in North Carolina is causing a little bit of a stir with residents. It’s a billboard advertising for Blackstone Shooting Sports – a local gun range and store – and it features Santa Claus holding a semi-automatic rifle. The caption reads, “Santa knows what you really want!” When I first read the news article, I wondered why reporters were asking drivers what they thought of the billboard. Did someone bring it to the station’s attention? Did a resident complain to Read more […]

Atheist Billboard: “Dear Santa, All I Want for Christmas is to Skip Church; I’m Too Old for Fairy Tales”

A group called American Atheists is spending their hard-earned money on a billboard campaign this Christmas season featuring a little girl writing a letter to Santa, in which she states:  “Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is to skip church. I’m too old for fairy tales.” The Telegraph reported: Atheist activists are taking their campaigns to the Bible Belt this Christmas with a provocative billboard campaign that is expected to stir controversy in America’s religious heartlands. The Read more […]

Romney’s Free Market vs. Obama’s Socialism

From the moment it was apparent that Mitt Romney had secured the Republican nomination for President of the United States, Barack Obama and his troupe of fabricators began a vicious attack on his record at Bain Capital.  They picked a couple of examples of where Bain Capital either closed a company down or shipped their business overseas and ignored the majority of what Bain really accomplished. In the meantime, the Obama camp of ‘can do no wrong’ failed to tell the American public about Read more […]