California: Repeal the Bill of Rights… to Keep us Safe

They call California the land of fruits and nuts. Granted, it’s probably not the best place to ask random people political questions, but it sure is entertaining to watch. And a little sad at the same time. Mark Dice is at it again. He’s the prankster citizen journalist who asks people utterly ridiculous questions like whether or not they think it’s a good idea to round up gun-owners in FEMA camps and execute them, and it’s quite amazing how many people actually answer in the affirmative. This Read more […]

Dear Democrats: Healthcare Is Not A Right

The argument that healthcare is a right is fallacious and really unacceptable. “A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference.” – Thomas Jefferson What are rights? We have the Bill of Rights, we have a constitution that guarantees us certain rights, but by what measure does it guarantee those rights? Well, let’s first examine what rights we were guaranteed in our founding document. The right to assemble Read more […]

Bruce Willis Speaks For Right To Bear Arms, Despite Liberal Hate

A rare gem has been uncovered: a Hollywood star that has an opinion different than other stars. Most of Hollywood falls right in line with the Liberal agenda, lock, stock and barrel. As an actor, I’ve often questioned why that is. Every time I’ve asked the question of a colleague, I receive the same pretentious answer about the arts community being in touch with, and empathizing with mankind. They say that their bleeding hearts cause them to support the ideals of the Left. Of course, that is my Read more […]

Response to Congressman’s Quip About Not Needing An Assault Rifle to Shoot a Duck

Minnesota Democratic Congressman Rick Nolan appeared on the CBS program Face the Nation on January 6. Among the topics discussed was gun-control. Nolan, who claims to be a hunter, seems to be following in President Barack Obama’s propaganda footsteps by trying to make the Second Amendment about hunters. On the program Nolan flippantly quipped that he did not need an assault weapon in order to shoot a duck. He went on to say that most hunters don’t want nor do they need an assault rifle, nor Read more […]