A Response to Bill Nye’s Smug Defense of Abortion

In a video released on YouTube last week, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” talks about abortion. The four-minute video is brimming with bluster, but Nye really only makes two logical arguments for abortion. And when I say logical, I don’t mean correct. I mean his attempted arguments use formal reasoning. Both of his arguments fail spectacularly upon examination. Nye first notes that for a fertilized egg to develop and “become human,” it must first attach to the uterine wall: “Many more hundreds of Read more […]

Bill Nye Blames Texas Floods on Global Warming

What do Bruce Jenner, Rachel Dolezal and Bill Nye all have in common? They all pretend to be something they’re not and expect everyone to cater to their delusions. Bill Nye fancies himself to be a climate scientist. I’m sure he’s a smart guy and all, but science isn’t what he’s all about these days. He’s riding the wave of political celebrity. Many meteorologists take issue with Bill Nye’s dark climate prophecies and arbitrary connections of weather patterns to manmade global Read more […]

Bill Nye: Questioning Manmade Global Warming Theory is Unconstitutional

Bill Nye isn’t a scientist, but he plays one on TV. In the same way, he’s not a Constitutional scholar, but he recently played one in a Vox interview. The thing is, you don’t have to be a Constitutional scholar to understand the Constitution. It’s pretty plainly written. All you have to do is read it. Here’s the Daily Caller: In an interview with Vox, Bill Nye argues that politicians who deny man-made global warming are violating their constitutional duties to the American people. Nye Read more […]

Bill Nye Flies Around in Giant 747 on Earth Day to #ActOnClimate

What better way is there to help save the planet from carbon-induced global warming than by flying around in a giant 747? Apparently, Bill Nye – that guy who’s not a scientist, but plays one on TV – was excited about boarding Air Force One with the President on Earth Day in order to discuss ways to combat manmade “climate change.” I guess he didn’t notice or appreciate the irony. Here’s what he tweeted: “Heading down to DC to catch an #EarthDay flight on Air Force One tomorrow Read more […]

Bill Nye = Anti-Semite?

During a panel discussion on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill Nye continued to show his lack of understanding on basic cultural and social issues when he decided to blame the very real presence of anti-Semitism in Europe on the Jews who live there. (Be forewarned this is HBO and a show full of liberals – the language is not good.) NYE (wryly): Come home to Israel — that’s what he said, right? MAHER: Well, I mean, he is the … NYE (interrupting again): But you never, the people Read more […]

Bill Nye: When it’s Cold, Call it “Climate Change,” not Global Warming

Last night, it was pretty cold outside here in Georgia. I’m up north of Atlanta in the sticks. The temperatures were below freezing last night, and it rained. While the icy trees were pretty to look at, they made for really dangerous conditions. We have tall pines around our house. There was a thick layer of ice on all the trees and power lines in our area. So, many frozen trees fell. Several destroyed the fence around our house, and many fallen trees blocked roads. Thankfully, our house was Read more […]

To Explain Evolution, You Need More Time

Bill Nye recently explained “evolution” in two minutes, using emoji. The video is humorous on a few levels. For one, Bill Nye is actually charming. For another, explaining a purportedly billions-of-years process in two minutes (with the extra triviality factor of emoji thrown in for good measure) exceeds the threshold of complete absurdity. For instance, he begins with molecules. Quite convenient considering he skips how, you know, everything got here from nothing. Probably best to skip over Read more […]

Bill Nye: Buffalo Snowstorm Caused by… Global Warming

The Buffalo snowstorm is not permitted as evidence of global cooling, but it proves global warming. We’re not allowed to use any kind of local weather event as evidence against the idea of manmade global warming. However, the rules created by the political and media elite dictate that local weather events can and should be used to prove without a shadow of doubt the idea that humans are creating global warming by driving cars and burning coal. Good weather and bad weather are both evidence for Read more […]

Bill Nye: Only Science Deniers Oppose Common Core Curriculum

Bill Nye is that guy who’s not a scientist but plays one on TV. For the entertainment of little kids. For some reason, that’s all that’s needed to qualify him as some sort of authority on the subject of science, particularly when it comes to climate science and evolution (which isn’t even science). If you believe in fairy tales like evolution or manmade global warming or atheism, absolutely no credentials are needed to be considered an authority. Your beliefs qualify you sufficiently. When Read more […]

What Leftists Really Mean by Science Education

I’m tired of hearing about stupid America. Americans might be stupid, but not for any of the reasons cited by liberals. Leftists like to bemoan the dismal state of “science education,” but their only real gripes are the existence of “climate deniers” and creationists. Meanwhile, they have no concern for the actual standards of education in general, or science education in particular, and they continue to pump billions of dollars into an autocratic educational system that has proven effective Read more […]

CNN Asks: Did Global Warming Have to do With the Recent Near-Earth Asteroid Fly-By?

You may have thought it was a little silly to suggest that flatulent bovines were the unfortunate and inconvenient cause of global warming. Or that “manmade global warming” results in increases in crime and war. And weather patterns like tornados, floods, earthquakes, rainfall, snow and cloudy days. And other undesirable things like indigestion, bad moods and traffic. But it wasn’t enough to blame every bad thing that happens on this planet on global warming. How about things that happen Read more […]

Bill Nye and Ken Ham to Debate Creationism

On February 4, Billy Nye “the science guy” will visit the Creation Museum in Kentucky to debate Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis. Ham invited Nye mostly because of Nye’s controversial YouTube video in which he claimed that teaching creationism was bad for kids. In his blog, Ham said: Because our ministry theme for 2013 and for 2014 is “Standing Our Ground, Rescuing Our Kids,” our staff thought that a debate on creation vs. evolution with a man who has influenced so many children Read more […]