What the Bryan Singer and Bill Cosby Rape Accusers All Have in Common

A number of women have come forward recently to throw their rape accusations on what is quickly becoming the funeral pyre of Bill Cosby and his career. In the midst of this, some young men are also coming forward to testify that homosexual director Bryan Singer raped them or coerced them into sex. And there’s a common link between all the accusers. What do all the accusers have in common? They were all aspiring actors, actresses, or Hollywood professionals looking for a leg up from an already Read more […]

Why Racial Stereotypes Are Not Necessarily Racist

Recently, Kevin Costner talked about the difficulty he experienced finding funding for his new racially-charged movie Black and White. Apparently Hollywood didn’t like the fact that his movie seemed to reinforce some racial stereotypes: While the film is deeply moving, it’s also peppered with clichés—Eloise’s crack addicted and absentee black father, black crackheads hanging on a stoop in the inner city, and the wealthy white grandparents who swoop in to give the child a better life. This Read more […]

How to Celebrate Diversity without Causing Division

In what is now called “The Pound Cake speech,” Bill Cosby made a lot of enemies for himself in the black community by criticizing, even mocking, what he saw as destructive, ignorant, asinine aspects of “black culture.” Critics of the speech claimed that Cosby was criticizing poor people in black communities more than black culture in general. They saw his rant as the condescending diatribe of a priviledged elite against his lower-class neighbors. Many people called him an Uncle Tom or Read more […]