Man Fired for Saying He’d Marry His Dog if it were Legal

Hypocrites claim a right to marriage but applaud a man getting fired for merely saying he would marry his dog. This guy got fired for posting a snarky comment on Facebook following the Supreme Court’s opinion on same-sex marriage. His employer was evidently offended that he’d try to make a connection between legalizing homosexual marriages and legalizing man-dog marriages. Just as a business should be able to turn down an order from a customer for any reason, a business should be able to Read more […]

Transgender is the New Gay

Most of us knew this day was coming. We warned homosexual activists that the path toward “gay” “marriage” would open up a Pandora’s box of social issues with none but an arbitrary legal boundary. Well, apparently it’s already begun, even before the gay marriage issue has been resolved. What’s next? According to TIME magazine, the transgender issue is “America’s next civil rights frontier.” What this means is that, even before homosexuals have gained “equal” status in society, Read more […]

Alabama Democrat: It’s OK for a Man to Marry a Mule

Liberals always laugh at slippery slope arguments from conservatives who warn that the societal acceptance of homosexual “marriage” would lead to the acceptance of other grotesque practices like pedophilia and even bestiality. “That’s never happened in the past, and it will never happen in the future,” they assure us. But they have no standard of morality. They don’t even claim to have one. They don’t need a standard to tell them what’s permissible and what’s not. They just know Read more […]

What’s So Wrong With Interspecies Marriage?

With homosexual “marriage” now so widely accepted, thanks to pop culture’s indoctrination of our pop-culture-obsessed society, deviancy has been defined downward. Standards have been lowered. Traditional morals have been scoffed at and redefined. In the homosexual community’s attempts to corrupt society, they’ve inadvertently provided the logical argument for those who wish to have their bestiality habits accepted and embraced. “Two people who love each other ought to be able to get married” Read more […]