Israeli Prime Minister Bashes Obama’s Iranian Nuke Deal – says “Israel’s Survival is Non-Negotiable!”

Count Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as someone who is not a fan of the recently brokered Iranian nuke deal. The Prime Minister gave a statement on Friday afternoon, after the announcement that Iran had agreed to an American proposed deal became common knowledge. The Prime Minister met with his cabinet to discuss their reaction and their collective response was… harsh. Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke out passionately against the deal and reminded the world that just two days ago the commander Read more […]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Speaks to Congress

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke to the full session of Congress yesterday (minus a healthy portion of the Democrat members) about the danger Iran poses to Israel and the rest of the world. His speech was impassioned and powerfully delivered – while it did regurgitate themes that Netanyahu has been preaching for years those old arguments have thus far gone unheeded. Will Congress listen to Netanyahu this time?   My friends, I’ve come here today because, as prime Read more […]

Did Israel’s Prime Minister Just Deliver the BEST Political Ad Ever?

This may be the best political ad ever. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is up for reelection this year as his party faces an upcoming election. While Netanyahu won’t be elected directly, if his party can win the most seats to Parliament, he’ll be a shoe-in for a new term as Prime Minister. If his latest political ad is any indication, he’s pushing hard to make sure his party (Likud) comes out on top on Election Day!   Read more […]