According to Don Lemon, an Automatic Weapon is …

There’s one consistent common factor uniting all gun control advocates. They usually don’t know very much about guns. Whether it’s “30 magazine clips” or the arbitrary definition of “assault weapons,” gun control advocates are regularly just wrong about guns. Don Lemon joined the ranks recently in spectacular fashion. According to Don Lemon, he actually bought an automatic weapon in Colorado around the time of the Aurora shootings. Which is odd, since automatic weapons were and are Read more […]

Black CNN Anchor Calls Guest “Naive” Because He’s White

Rush Limbaugh said: “Everything about the left is perception, manipulation, and lies. Everything. Everything is ‘Wag the Dog.’ Everything is a structured deception.” Argumentation is a very delicate machine. For one to debate properly, one must not only have vast knowledge of the given subject, but they must also possess a calm, and reasoned demeanor. Once one moves outside rationality and a soft-spoken approach, they lose all credibility–even if they have great knowledge. In that same vein, Read more […]