LGBT Groups Complain “Transgender” Beer not Diverse Enough, too “Inflammatory”

Apparently, there’s a variety of hops called Jester hops that have a tendency to change sex “from female to male flowers prior to harvest.” What better way to celebrate diversity than with beer made with “transgender” hops? Scottish brewery Brewdog partnered with LGBT group Queerest of the Queer to create this “non-binary” beer and donate proceeds to transgender youth programs. The beer is called “No Label.” You’d think this would be a hit in the LGBT community, but as Read more […]

Police Eject & Threaten Dad For Having Son Hold His Beer In Public So He Could Snap A Picture

I realize that we face much worse outrages on the part of the police almost every day. But the fact that this happened is indicative of a culture that promotes government bullying and interference in the lives of people and families. As one blog reports: “John Coulter told USA Today he wanted to take a photograph shortly after kickoff, so he handed his brewski to his 15-year-old son. Who wouldn’t? Stadium brews are priced like liquid gold. I wouldn’t want to stand the chance that it would get Read more […]