Fast and Furious Revelation: Thugs Who Killed Brian Terry Worked For FBI

John Dodson is the ATF whistleblower who exposed the Fast and Furious scandal, much to the dismay of his colleagues and bosses. According to his latest revelation, the American Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was killed a few years ago, was murdered by operatives who were working for the FBI. Dodson claimed that the government was willing to go to any length necessary to earn the trust of criminal drug cartels. That’s apparently a matter of policy. And that included killing an innocent Read more […]

More Fast And Furious Guns Recovered From Mexico Crime Scenes

The ATF said that they never intentionally let guns be trafficked across the border into Mexico. They had simply encouraged gun dealers in Arizona to sell as many guns as possible to questionable people tied to Mexican drug cartels. They were just trying to see where the guns ended up, so that they could take down the drug cartels, which are still alive and well today. If they hadn’t strongly encouraged so many guns to be trafficked to Mexico, then Obama wouldn’t have been able to blame all Read more […]