Iran’s Neighbors Hate Obama’s Nuclear Deal!

The Daily Caller News Foundation put together a very interesting piece this past week showing five different Middle Eastern cartoons showing how Iran’s neighbors felt about the deal that President Obama just signed with the dangerous Islamic Republic. Unhappy with the United States’ Iran deal, media outlets in Gulf states have published a slew of comics critical president’s plan. Qatari daily Al Raya printed a cartoon of America and Iran signing the document with a pen and a missile Read more […]

Rand Paul says Saudi Arabia Needs to “Step Up and Be on Our Side”

On his way home from India, President Obama is stopped in Saudi Arabia to attend the funeral of King Abdullah and speak with the new King Salman. It was on this topic that Fox News host Martha McCallum was speaking with Senator Rand Paul. McCallum wondered what Senator Paul thought about the meeting and what he thought President Obama should say to the new king. Senator Paul went straight for Saudi Arabia’s jugular with his response – demanding that they stop speaking out both sides of their Read more […]