Is Donald Trump the New Barry Goldwater?

A lot of people have been comparing Donald Trump to Barry Goldwater because they are both “anti-establishment” candidates who still have popular support. But that’s about where the comparison ends. Barry Goldwater, like Ron Paul, stood by fixed convictions that made him very unpopular with establishment GOP players. He wasn’t able to be manipulated. In their minds, he wasn’t a “team player.” So even when he won the nomination, because the people liked his honesty and smarts, the Read more […]

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Electability, Bernie Sanders Edition

Electability. How I hate that concept. Unless you are talking about constitutional requisites for holding office, that is. Otherwise, electability is a stupid manipulation. Electability is a self-fulfilling prophecy built entirely on the commoditization of ideas. And vanity. Let’s not forget vanity. The world didn’t used to look at itself so much. Now that’s all the world does. You go to Facebook and twitter, see what’s trending. Corporations create their products after a careful assessment Read more […]

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Damaged Democrat Myths

While he revealed the truth against some Democrat myths, he also perpetuated a myth about Barry Goldwater. “Myths which are believed in tend to become true.” – George Orwell If you surveyed 100 average Americans, and asked them which political party supported civil rights, nine times out of ten you would be told: the Democrats. The truth is actually quite the opposite. While many Democrats did support civil rights legislation, it actually had more Republican support than Democratic support. However, Read more […]