Cruz: As President, I Won’t End Obamacare

This is just one of many differences between Cruz and Obama. What’s Obama’s way of handling things? If Congress won’t do what he wants, he issues executive orders. What’s the point of having a Constitution that delegates powers across three branches of government if the President is keen on acting as a dictator? The President stated that his gun control executive orders are “entirely consistent with the Second Amendment.” But the President can’t make laws. Remember, that’s supposed Read more […]

Watch How Obama Responds to Rape Victim at Gun Control Town Hall

Rape survivor Kimberly Corban was at Obama’s town hall event on gun control. She now has two kids. She asked why Obama and his administration are trying to make it more difficult for people like her to own a firearm: Corban’s story isn’t unique. You may also remember a student at the University of Nevada named Amanda Collins. She was raped on campus in a “safe zone” at gunpoint, right next to the campus police station. Collins even had a concealed carry license, but because the university Read more […]

Obama: Gun Confiscation Fears are Paranoid Conspiracy Theories

How many times have we heard liberals say that no one’s coming for our guns? After all, there are tons of regulations surrounding cars, and no one in government is trying to ban cars, so we shouldn’t be so paranoid about gun laws and regulations and the supposed “slippery slope” that will lead to confiscation and government tyranny. Obama used dangerous prescription drugs as an example. He said that he might want to try to keep dangerous drugs out of the wrong hands, but that wouldn’t Read more […]

Obama Cries About Mass Shooting Victims: “Every Time I Think About Those Kids, it Gets Me Mad”

Was he really crying? Who knows. He’s a politician. They’re known for being pretty good actors. But whether his tears were genuine or not, his sobbing display was an obvious appeal to emotion. The fact that incidents like Sandy Hook and San Bernardino make his eyes well up with tears doesn’t mean that his gun control solutions will actually do anything to curb gun violence. I’m a little surprised that he would use this tactic still. He has to know what people are going to say. People Read more […]

ISIS Using Videos of Bill Clinton to Recruit Other Terrorists

Hillary’s been going around claiming that ISIS is using videos of Donald Trump and his incendiary rhetoric about Muslims to recruit others to the terrorist organization. Naturally, left-wing bloggers and talk show hosts assumed it was true and parroted the same talking point. I mean, why would Hillary Clinton lie about something? She’s a trustworthy person. And naturally, fact-checkers wanted to find those ISIS recruitment videos of Trump. But they couldn’t find any. Ironically, in their Read more […]

Obama: Mass Shootings “Just Don’t Happen in Other Countries”

To top off the irony, Obama was in Paris when he made these comments about mass shootings. He was talking in the context of the three who were shot and killed at a Planned Parenthood building in Colorado. According to him, mass shootings like the one in Colorado “just don’t happen in other countries.” In response to a question about the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado, President Obama went back to a familiar talking point, claiming mass shootings are unique to America. “I say this Read more […]

Obama: Paris Global Warming Meeting Will be a “Powerful Rebuke” to Terrorists

I can already see hundreds of thousands of radical Muslims renouncing their faith, destroying all their weaponry and begging the West for forgiveness for all the havoc they’ve wreaked. And it will all be thanks to the global warming forum that’s taking place in none other than Paris, the very site where terrorists killed 130 people just a couple weeks before. The symbolism and boldness of world leaders to hold talks in Paris will be so chilling that terrorists all around the world will be on Read more […]

A Translation of the Obama Administration’s Letter to America’s Universities

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan penned an op-ed for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in which he sympathizes with the protesters at Yale and Mizzou. After I recovered from the dizziness this caused me, I decided to take the most important portions of his piece and translate them for any non-liberal who may be wondering what exactly Duncan means. Duncan: “Make ‘teachable moments.’ Shining a light on issues while recognizing the worth of all students can help heal and create a sense of community on Read more […]

Pelosi: Obama’s Right, ISIS is Contained

Would it surprise you to find out that the U.S. government actually wanted organizations like ISIS to thrive in Syria for the express purpose of isolating the Assad regime and overthrowing them? To most people, I imagine it would come as a surprise, since all the talk that we’re hearing now from Washington is that we’ve got to fight ISIS and prevent them from carrying out attacks on American soil. We’ve got to do whatever is necessary to contain them. According to official documents obtained Read more […]

“Irresponsible and Unpatriotic”: Obama to Double National Debt to $20 Trillion

If you recall, it was then-presidential candidate Barack Obama who criticized then-President Bush for raising the debt ceiling and for accruing so much national debt. Remember when he said this? It was irresponsible and unpatriotic for Bush to add $4 trillion to the national debt. But it’s okay for Obama to add nearly $10 trillion. When he does it, it’s okay. He is, after all, still trying to clean up the mess that Bush left behind. It’s all Bush’s fault. As the Washington Times Read more […]

Obama’s Global Warming Prophecies: “Submerged Countries, Abandoned Cities, Fields no Longer Growing”

The global warming alarmists have been making predictions for decades. None of them has come true. But that hasn’t stopped them from making predictions, and it hasn’t stopped naïve people from believing them. Obama will be in Alaska this week, where he’ll be continuing to try to scare people about global warming. The Blaze reported: “If we stopped trying to build a clean energy economy and reduce carbon pollution, if we do nothing to prevent glaciers from melting faster and oceans from Read more […]

Obama Will be Greeted by Global Warming-Induced Snow in Alaska

Not only is Obama’s trip to Alaska going to emit more than 161 metric tons of carbon dioxide from Air Force One that’s supposedly contributing to global warming, Obama will be greeted by snowfall as he continues to try to sell the idea of carbon-induced global warming to residents and officials there. Dr. Roy Spencer wrote: When President Obama visits Alaska this week to campaign for a new international agreement to fight global warming climate change, Alaska will be experiencing colder than Read more […]