Should We Ban Plastic Guns?

The House is set to vote on a bill tomorrow that would renew a ban on “undetectable” weapons. New 3D printing technology has enabled people to “print” plastic guns, which won’t be found by a metal detector or an X-ray. Fox News reported: The House is expected to vote this week on renewing a 25-year-old law that bans the production of undetectable guns, in an age when new technology could open the door to at-home production of plastic weapons. The law itself is set to expire on Dec. Read more […]

Tobacco For Eighteen-Year-Olds? What Are Bloomberg’s Priorities?

For the record, I tend to think that a cigarette ban for minors may be appropriate. While I oppose prohibition for adults, I think it makes sense to say that adults shouldn’t be permitted to entice children into certain unhealthy choices. Of course, if such a prohibition is put in place, it needs to be justified by banning a substance that is clearly dangerous, not just “unhealthy” by some statistic that we know doesn’t apply to all people. If the evidence qualifies tobacco as such a substance, Read more […]