Too Big To Fail: Insurance Companies To Be Bailed Out By Obamacare

We all knew that Obamacare would be self-destructive. They wouldn’t have the number of enrollees necessary to sustain itself financially, and it would fold. But the Obamacare builders and proponents weren’t going to let their creation fizzle just like that, just because they didn’t have enough paying enrollees. That’s not how our government operates these days. If every government agency and program had to be able to somehow support itself, we wouldn’t have very many government programs, Read more […]

Tax Fed Auto CEO Tells Plundered Public To Stop Complaining

I respect the Obamaphone lady far more than this man: “CEO Dan Akerson said it’s time to end the debate over whether the government’s 2009 bailout of the automaker was worth it. ‘Four years afterwards, it’s pretty hard to debate (that) it wasn’t successful, $25 billion in profits later,’ Akerson said Thursday at GM’s annual meeting, in response to a shareholder question suggesting that some people won’t buy GM cars until taxpayers are repaid. Akerson noted President Bush and President Obama Read more […]

CA Assemblywoman Exposes The Pension Endgame

California’s pension shortfall is admitted by everyone. “The California State Teachers Retirement Fund (CalSTRS) released a report earlier this week revealing a $64 billion dollar pension deficit, while the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) puts its unfunded pension liability at $49 billion dollars, plus billions more in state retiree health care benefits. The non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office has stated that the Governor’s budget does not adequately address Read more […]

Local Black Politicians Actually Believe They Have Leverage in Demanding ‘Bacon’ from Obama

Remember, folks, we live in an age when the truth is to be silenced, our minds insulated from it by our teachers, our media, our government, so it is entirely understandable why Mitt Romney’s remark a few weeks ago–that President Obama won re-election by promising gifts to all who would vote for him–was met with much wailing and gnashing of teeth. It does not matter how often we provide evidence to the truth in Romney’s assessment of the election, for those who find offense in facts find solace Read more […]

Poll Confirms the Obvious: Obama Is a Socialist

As if we need yet another reminder that the rest of the world favors socialism, The BBC released the results of a worldwide survey that further drove the last nail into that coffin. After surveying over 21,000 people from countries all across the globe–except the US–the results are definitive. If the presidential election were held on a global scale, Barack Obama would win by a whopping 41 percentage points. So, what does all of this mean? It means a lot. Firstly, I am very happy that people Read more […]

Why Pay Employees to Play Monopoly?

It was recently pointed out that the battery manufacturing plant that Obama wanted to help out with a $151 million grant of taxpayer money hadn’t even manufactured one battery yet, and it’s been two years since its groundbreaking ceremony in Holland, Michigan, which Obama attended. The Korean company LG Chem maintains that they have employed about 200 people, and employees are having to forgo one week’s pay every month. So, it has been over two years since Obama made a big deal about giving Read more […]