Atheist Airman to Lose Job For Not Saying So Help Me God

An atheist airman from the Creech Air Force Base in Nevada will lose his job if he refuses to re-enlist with an oath that concludes, So help me God. The airman says the oath violates his religious beliefs, and that he shouldn’t have to be forced to say it. Of course, leftists are having a field day with this. The Air Force is forcing people to be Christians. The Air Force is persecuting atheists. But apparently everyone fails to realize that this is not a religious issue. At all. This is just Read more […]

Is Atheism the Fastest Growing Religion in America?

An article in the Telegraph unpacks a Washington Post Religious Map of the United States. And it comes to this conclusion: atheism is the fastest growing “religion” in the United States. I really don’t doubt it. According to the article, data from the US Religious Census of 2010 indicates that Catholicism and Protestantism, though still standing in their traditional strongholds, are withering from within as church attendance reaches record lows. Added to this, Muslims are gaining in numbers, Read more […]

Caesar’s Schools Turning Kids into Good Little Romans (And Why it Can’t be Otherwise)

My job took me inside the local public Middle School, where I saw a large sign in a hallway, emblazoned with the slogan, “When You Believe in Yourself, Nothing is Impossible.” As I thought about it the rest of the day, it occurred to me that this is a classic example of how and why “religious neutrality” or pure secularism is impossible. Even a blathering, non-offensive piece of self-esteem propaganda like this shows why the idea of banishing religion from the public school system is a Read more […]

Secularist Cries Over “Fanatical Religiosity” In Military

Sometimes I forget just how backwards a time we live in. I, as well as much of the country, share certain values and beliefs that I see as completely rational and logical. Then I read the news. After reading my daily dose of political muck, I feel like I’ve chased a white rabbit into Wonderland. Up is down; black is white; left is right; and stupid is smart. Well, after reading the news today, I once again feel the wonder. According to Michael Hill, of the Associated press, a cadet at West Read more […]

The Angry Atheist’s Guide To Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again. Christmas tree lots are full of families, the smell of baked goods is in the air and the Atheists are trying to ruin everything. Oh wait, that last one’s not so great. Every year, Atheist groups launch protests of Christmas, so much so, that it’s almost a Christmas tradition in itself. It was going to be a routine, voluntary field trip to see A Charlie Brown Christmas at a local church. But this is 2012, and no Christmas anything can go un-protested. Read more […]