AP on Ted Cruz Gun Photo: We Didn’t Mean to Portray him in a Negative Light

According to the AP, it was a complete coincidence that there was a gun in the background that was pointing right at Ted Cruz’s head. I mean, I’m sure that the AP photographer didn’t put up the gun poster on the wall in the background, but come on. He knew he wasn’t just taking a profile shot of Cruz. He positioned himself just right so that it looked like the gun was pointed at his head. It was no accident. But AP responded to criticisms, saying that they had no intention of portraying Read more […]

Obama Deflects; Calling Benghazi a “Fleeting Issue”

Michael Moore famously said: “The majority of Americans, the ones who never elected George W. Bush, are not fooled by his weapons of mass distraction.” Aside from the fact that Michael Moore is a moron, this quote speaks to a necessary skill at which we all must be well versed: averting disorientation. Now, replace the name “George W. Bush” with “Barack Obama” and this quote is nicely re-imagined for the present. A few days ago, I wrote about the numerous scandals that the Obama administration Read more […]

“Illegal Immigrant” No Longer an Acceptable Term—It’s Hurtful

Sometimes, I feel as though I’m in an episode of The Twilight Zone, mixed with a twisted Groundhog Day, being forced to suffer some kind of eternal punishment. I wake up, I turn on my computer, and I read some news story about some supposedly amazing social project upon which Liberals are working; or some new rule dictated by the leaders of the Left; or even a surprise attack on someone in the Conservative community for saying something that runs afoul of Liberal constitutions–by which I mean their Read more […]

Methodologically Flawed AP Poll: Republicans Are Racist

The Associated Press is claiming, based on the results of a recent poll of theirs, that anti-black sentiments have increased under President Obama so much that it stands to knock him back by five percentage points in the popular vote on Election Day. The main offenders, those most likely to engage in explicit and implicit prejudice against blacks, are, naturally, Republicans. The AP found similar results in 2008, a fact which really ought to be cause for them to re-examine their methodology, Read more […]