Gun Grabbers Losing Ground

Several months ago, after the devastating attack in Newtown, CT, the media seemed sure that Congress and the President would get together and pass some kind of gun control legislation. The gun grabbers were in full throat and they smelled blood in the water. The Democrat Party thought that we might be embarking on a new age of Clinton where the American populace would gladly give away pieces of their 2nd Amendment rights for the hope that taking guns from law abiding citizens would make us all a Read more […]

Weapons Ban Makes No Sense Because Power Hates Submitting to Logic

Economist, Megan McArdle has written a valuable and yet problematic piece for the Daily Beast, “Just Say No to Dumb Gun Laws.” Since I think all gun laws are dumb, or at least illegal and thus damaging to the social order of the United States, I could technically agree with her title. But I’d be happier if she had simplified it by replacing the word, “Dumb” with the word, “All.” But the real problem on display in McArdle’s brief essay is her assumption that anyone cares whether Read more […]