Obama’s America No Longer Fights Terrorists; We Just Join Them

Syria, a Shiite Muslim state sponsor of global terror, is engaged in a manufactured civil war. Ironically, Syria’s enemy in this civil war is another Muslim sect widely known for sponsoring terrorism, Sunni Islam. Given Obama’s recent decision to involve the United States—in unspecified ways—in this very Muslim problem, I have to wonder: Why does America care? Lost in the conversation taking place over US military involvement in this Syrian crisis, is the cause of the current conflict: Read more […]

Soldier Charged With Acting Like US Government In Syria

A US soldier who joined forces with the US-backed “rebels” fighting the Syrian Assad regime is now in the United States facing trial. Why? The charge is that he used a Weapon of Mass Destruction in combat. If you didn’t know a rocket propelled grenade counts as a WMD welcome to the club. I’m surprised no one counted all the RPGs in Iraq’s army and claimed they proved Hussein had WMD. This charge even allows for the death penalty though the prosecutor says that he will not seek it. While Read more […]