President Obama Releases 6 More Terrorists from Guantanamo Bay

As predicted by an anonymous government official in late April, President Barack Obama approved the transfer of six more detainees from Guantanamo Bay to Oman on Friday evening. The recent transfer marks the first under new Defense Secretary Ash Carter, just as Congress is considering additional restrictions on detainee transfer via the defense budget bill, The New York Times reports. All 6 are Yemenis, and have been stuck in Gitmo since near the beginning of 2002. Approval for transfer came Read more […]

Defense Secretary says Soldiers Can Die in War… but Not from Cigarettes!

I’ve never understood how Americans can be such rational, intelligent people one second and such idiotic prudish neanderthals the next. One of my biggest frustrations has always come from our efforts to dictate the habits of our young men and women who enter the military. We allow them to join and fight at the age of 18, yet we won’t let them drink alcohol or rent a car? It makes no sense, that a citizen can fight and DIE for his country but at the same time his country can tell him he cannot enjoy Read more […]