Leftist “Art”: Vaginally Knit Scarves And Lynching Whites

The western world used to be a bastion of great art created by brilliant minds. The European people were unrivaled in sculpture, painting, and architecture, just as they were unrivaled in other aspects of culture. While Africans could only create homes out of mud and sticks, Michelangelo was painting heavenly ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, whose architecture also spawned from the mind of Europeans. The colleges in the Soviet Union used to ban elegant, realistic paintings and instead favored Read more […]

Serrano’s Blasphemous “Art” on Display While Anti-Muhammad Filmmaker Goes to Jail

Andres Serrano is the photographer and “artist” famous for his image that depicts a plastic crucifix submerged in the artist’s own urine. I don’t want to mention its title because I can’t stand typing it out. But you know what I’m talking about. This 23-year-old photo is now on display in New York City. He has other “works of art” that involve bodily fluids and feces. Most of his stuff is this bizarre, and much of it is pornographic. He has a series of photographs called “The Morgue,” Read more […]