“Educated” ESPN Reporter Mocks “Trailer-Trash” Parking Lot Attendant

Britt McHenry is a blonde bimbo who reads off a teleprompter for ESPN. Yeah, I know. I haven’t heard of her either. But apparently she’s super important and better than everyone else, because she’s fit and blonde and makes more money than other people. Oh, and she’s “college-educated,” which is why she can read a sports script in front of a camera. Surveillance footage surfaced of this super important and amazing person belittling a tow truck employee, saying things like, “Maybe Read more […]

Biden Says He’s Never Been Proud to Be Vice President

If I had to select the most arrogant and prideful politician of today, it would be a difficult choice indeed.  At first my thoughts go to Barack Obama as he always struts around with his nose up and looking down on the peasants like a medieval king.  He resides in his palace at the expense of his subjects.  When he does venture out, he keeps his distance and looks only in the direction of those that bow before him. But then I think of Rep. Nancy Pelosi who parades around like a Hollywood glamour Read more […]