High School Senior Arrested And Expelled For Leaving Hunting Rifle In His Car

We know what happens when a 6-year-old student makes the mistake of fashioning his hand in the shape of a gun or eating a pop tart into the same shape. He gets suspended for a few days so that he can think about what he’s done and the dire emotional trauma that his fellow classmates surely experience as a result. Kids are being conditioned that guns are evil, and that any representation of them is the appearance of evil and should be treated as such. So what happens when a student brings a real Read more […]

Police NOT Obligated to Protect Citizens

How many of you believe that the main purpose of your local police department is to protect and serve the people?  I don’t recall what TV program it was, but some years back there was a program about policeman and in the introduction it always had the words, ‘to protect and serve.’ We were taught from the time were small children that if we are threatened by anyone we were to call 911 and asked them to dispatch the police. But is that the real function of the police department? According Read more […]