A Translation of the Obama Administration’s Letter to America’s Universities

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan penned an op-ed for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in which he sympathizes with the protesters at Yale and Mizzou. After I recovered from the dizziness this caused me, I decided to take the most important portions of his piece and translate them for any non-liberal who may be wondering what exactly Duncan means. Duncan: “Make ‘teachable moments.’ Shining a light on issues while recognizing the worth of all students can help heal and create a sense of community on Read more […]

The Five Biggest Education Issues of 2015

Education always has a front seat to American electoral politics. In fact, only the economy has consistently rated higher over the years as a big concern of the American people. Likely, the focus on education comes from being such a personal concern – as many voting age Americans have children whose education they are worried about. However, just because Americans are worried… doesn’t mean things are getting better. Case in point – the Common Core. Well, the folks over at the Daily Caller have Read more […]

Federal Government Makes More Rules Against Campus Sex Assault

Can we just agree that sexual assault is terrible? Alright. That being said, can we also agree that the penalties for sexual assault don’t seem to hinder it from happening? Ok, maybe there is some disagreement there. The federal government thinks that by making the regulations on reporting sexual assault in colleges more stringent we can help to decrease incidents of assault on campuses across America. Maybe…   College campuses in the United States will be required to compile Read more […]

Surprise! Nation’s 2nd Largest Teachers Union Withdraws Support of Common Core

In what can only be described as a complete and utter surprise – the nation’s 2nd largest teacher’s union has withdrawn it’s support of the Common Core. Conservative activists have been decrying the insidious nature of the Common Core since its inception but mainstream liberals and moderates have generally been unwavering in their support. This latest reversal by one of the Common Core’s closest allies could prove to be the turning point in the battle against federalized education. If conservatives Read more […]

Obama “Biography” In Elementary School Library: “White Voters Would Never Vote For A Black President”

It was in Obama’s home state of Illinois. School officials are trying to say that since it’s not an official textbook, it shouldn’t be all that big of a deal. Sure, it’s in the school library, and kids are free to read it, but it’s not required. Besides, it’s not like the biography contained false information. It told the truth about Obama and the fact that white people didn’t vote for him, because he has some black in him. It probably had something to do with white privilege. Here’s Read more […]