Texas School District Arms Teachers

Liberals think this is a disaster waiting to happen. If there were a scenario where some legal druggie came in a school allowing himself to be controlled by one of the unfortunate side effects of whatever drug he’s on, and he ended up gunning down a score of kids and teachers, leaving a mess for the police to deal with, liberals would rather that happen than run the risk of having an armed teacher take out the killer. On campuses inside the Argyle Independent School District in Argyle, Texas, Read more […]

Oregon School District Wants Teachers To Carry Concealed Weapons

This comes as a slight surprise to me coming from the folks on the left coast. There’s a school district in Oregon that’s decided to allow all teachers with concealed carry licenses to carry on school grounds. ABCNews.com reported: St. Helens School Board chairman Marshall Porter told ABCNews.com that the board lifted a ban that prevented school employees from carrying guns on campus with concealed weapons permits on Wednesday. “The current law in Oregon allows for anybody to concealed carry Read more […]