2 Armed Robbers Shot and Killed by 2 Armed Store Employees

There were three masked armed robbers who barged in this Reading, Pennsylvania convenience store around 9:00 at night. One of them had a handgun, and another had a stun gun. The third was unarmed. As soon as they broke in, the two employees – who happened to be brothers – pulled their own guns and shot at two of the crooks. One of them died there at the scene, and the other died later in the hospital. Unfortunately, the third took off with an undetermined amount of cash, and he’s still Read more […]

Store Clerk Shoots and Kills Armed Robbe

An armed robber came into a Chicago-area convenience store and demanded money from the store clerk at gunpoint. While the clerk pretended to open the safe, he grabbed his gun and shot the armed crook several times. The man was pronounced dead at the hospital. The Chicago Tribune reported: Authorities said the man was wearing a mask but was carrying no identification when he entered the Kwick Shop convenience store on Liberty Street about 9 p.m. Sunday and pointed a weapon at a customer and a 24-year-old Read more […]

Criminal Duo Learns the Hard Way Not to Rob Cigar Shop

There’s a cigar shop in Lithonia, Georgia, just east of Atlanta that was targeted by a couple thieves, one of whom was armed with a shotgun. One of them went in and distracted an employee with a question about an item on a shelf. When the worker went to help the guy out, the other guy came up behind him and put a shotgun to his head. The employee turned around slowly, grabbed the shotgun and then pulled out his own handgun and shot the guy dead. The other one ran out, jumped in his SUV and drove Read more […]

Pregnant Employee Robbed at Gunpoint; Told by Boss to Pay Money Back or Leave

Boss fires pregnant employee because she was robbed and wouldn’t pay back the company for the lost money! A Texas woman who was five months pregnant with her fourth child and working as a shift manager at Popeye’s got robbed at gunpoint during her shift. The masked and armed robber jumped over the counter and ordered the shift manager Marissa Holcomb to open the cash register. He took the money and ran out with nearly $400. During the incident, Holcomb and other employees were ordered to the Read more […]

4 Armed Robbers Descend on Liquor Store; 2 Shot Dead by Store Clerk

The armed robbers thought they had it all under control. There’s no way this liquor store would be able to withstand a team of four armed robbers. They had already committed a series of armed robberies, and they probably thought they were on a roll. And they probably expected that the liquor store was another gun-free zone. But they had to learn the hard way. The Daily Caller reported: A Tulsa liquor store clerk took on four masked men during an attempted robbery earlier this week, shooting and Read more […]

Video: Armed Robber Shoots Himself in the Leg, Asks Police for Help

When a robber shoots himself he has to turn himself in. A man walked into a hotel lobby in North Augusta, South Carolina and demanded the money from the front desk lady at gunpoint. After she handed around $300 in cash to him, he started walking towards the door, and he shot himself in the leg and limped the rest of the way out after letting out a loud and painful scream. He had an accomplice waiting for him in a getaway car outside the hotel. They drove off but stopped a cop and asked him for Read more […]

Chalk up Another Thwarted Armed Robbery to the Second Amendment

More Americans are buying guns than ever before. There are more guns in private ownership than there are people in the United States. More homeowners are using those guns to protect themselves from intruders. One of those homeowners is a man who police have not given his identity, in Timberlake, North Carolina. Around 5am, the man was woken by an intruder wearing a mask and carrying a shotgun. The intruder demanded that the homeowner give him all of his money. Instead of grabbing his wallet, Read more […]

Shock: Restaurant With “Gun-Free Zone” Sign Gets Robbed at Gunpoint

Just the other day, I wrote about how Chipotle was moving in the direction of making their establishments gun-free zones. They’re still in the “respectfully requesting” stage of asking their gun-owning customers to leave their guns at home. Well, here’s a barbecue establishment in Durham, North Carolina that was very open about barring anyone with weapons, even concealed ones. The sign read, “No Weapons” and then had three depictions, one of the State Capitol, one of the State Legislative Read more […]

Another Store Clerk Fired for Refusing to be a Murder Victim

These days, if you want to work for a franchise like a convenience store, you have to agree to their terms, which may include being someone’s murder victim. Most of these places have “no tolerance” policies, which prevent their employees from being able to defend themselves with any kind of weapon. You’re not even allowed to try to fight off a perpetrator. You’re supposed to do whatever the criminal wants; give him all the money from the safe, let him steal your car, give him a medium dark Read more […]

What Happens When An Armed Robber Picks On The Wrong Pizza Driver

Pizza delivery drivers are obviously prime targets for criminals because of all the cash they carry. And they drive around at nighttime when criminals are most active. That pizza deliverers are disarmed as a condition of employment just makes the situation that much worse. Criminals depend on and expect their victims to be defenseless. They operate best in gun-free zones where citizens aren’t allowed to protect themselves with any kind of weapon. But every now and then, an employee breaks the Read more […]

Pistol Packin’ Pastor Prevents Armed Robbery

Last Friday night, Jermaine Dewayne Marshall walked into a Dollar General Store in Evansville, Indiana wearing a bandana over his face and holding a plastic bag in his hand that he said held a gun.  He ordered the clerk to open the cash register but the clerk refused.  Marshall began hitting the clerk in the face. About that time, Pastor Carl Sanders walked into the store to purchase a Gatorade.  Marshall told Sanders to get on the ground, but the pastor had other plans.  Sanders is not only Read more […]