Armed Neighbor Stops Naked Man Beating Ex-Girlfriend

Thanks to a responsible, armed neighbor, a woman’s life was saved. A man was at his ex-girlfriend’s house where he had reportedly held her hostage for 20 hours and beat her. When she tried to escape, the man caught up with her in the street and continued to beat her while he was naked. Neighbors reported hearing the commotion while the two were fighting in the house, but when it extended out into the street, that’s when an armed neighbor sprang into action. He grabbed his gun and went out Read more […]

Who Needs the Police when You’ve got Armed, Responsible Neighbors Like This?

Don’t misunderstand me. I respect the police. And this guy did call the cops to arrest the suspect. But I’d much rather people be armed, vigilant, and responsible like this California man than paranoid and calling the cops all the time over every little thing, oftentimes leading the police to harass an innocent civilian. This 79-year-old military veteran, identified only as Richard, saw a young guy poking around at his neighbor’s locked gate. The neighbor wasn’t home, so the vet decided Read more […]